Facts about Shock Absorbers

January 16, 2014 Jeep Parts  No comments

shock absorber

Without shock absorbers, jeeps would be incomplete just like any other vehicles. Shock absorbers, also known as dampers, are one of the most important components in a vehicle that ensures safety of everyone inside the vehicle. There are so many companies all the world that make a total of 100 million absorbers every year. These shock absorbers are then distributed and used all around the world. Most of these are produced in large scale in The United States and European companies. A few mentionable and world renowned companies for jeep shock absorbers are KYB, Tokico and Monroe.

All jeep owners buy and fix Jeep shock absorbers in order to put off regrettable accidents. Absence of jeep shock absorbers in a jeep can result in life threatening incidents...

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Top Three Special Deals on Advance Auto Parts

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If you are planning to shop for some automotive parts and accessories in January through February, then the Advanced Auto Parts offers a series of special deals to help you maximize on your savings. Here are some of the best five deals to take advantage of this year:-

The Advanced Auto Parts Oil Change Specials

With a simple change of your engine oil in many of the Advanced Auto Parts stores, you will get access to numerous special offers on many of the oil brands stocked in-store. These savings include a special $24.99 on the Castrol Synthetic Oil blend which comes with a free Purolator PureONE oil filter. This is a potential $11.99 in value and savings.  You can have two Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic oils at the price of $28...

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Pro Comp Tires – The Latest Technology

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pro comp x terrain

Like everything else around us, the technological advancement of automobiles and parts has advanced with time. Tires, in particular, are being designed and redesigned to meet the demand of different types of people. There are various types of tires for driving on different roads and fitting on different cars. This ongoing progress in the industry is marked with increase in expense for customers. A company that has balanced quality with reasonable price is pro Comp wheels. Pro Comp Wheels are considered favorite by many people for their wide range of useful and functional tires at affordable prices.

A pro Comp wheel is a leading manufacturing company for tires established in 1992. The company is known for making outstanding tires, wheels and other products for off roaders...

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Smittybilt Jeep Grille Guards

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Smittybilt Jeep Grille Guards

When you are in the market for Jeep accessories do you ever think to check out the grille guards?  These can protect both you and your rig in case of a collision.  They can add some fierceness to the look of a rig too.  There are many companies that make grille guards but today we will focus on the Smittybilt ones.

A bit of a story

Before we get to what they make, what is Smittybilt?  The Smittybilt story is the story of an American dream coming true.  There was a man who had a dream to turn the surplus Jeeps from WWII into civilian vehicles.  He began making parts and accessories for them in his garage.  As the popularity of both the Jeeps and his parts grew he branched out.  By this time his son was working with him...

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Jeep T-Shirt Designs For Women

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pink crawl to cure tank top for girls

The Jeep t-shirt phenomenon is slowly catching on to the women population. The women population is slowly appreciating the quality of the brand especially now that it’s being printed on a ladies’ apparel. For the ladies, here are some of the designs being sought by women.

A Statement Shirt

Nobody loves a statement shirt more than the ladies. It’s a funny twist to the otherwise manly shirt design. There are statement shirts evoking statements like “I’m in love with a Jeep man”, “Silly boys with Jeep are for the ladies”, “Only in the Jeep”, and other funny and hilarious moments playing on the sexiness of a woman.

The Manly Designs

What’s good about the Jeep brand is that its classic grille logo can be a unisex design...

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SRC Front Stinger

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SRC Front Stinger

In case you are not aware of what exactly a stinger is, then think about riding down the road.  Think about all of the Jeeps that you see every day.  How many have you seen that have a front or rear bumper that comes up and angles out away from the Jeep?  They end almost in a point…well a rounded point.  That is a stinger bumper.  It is a distinctive one in the line of Jeep bumpers brought to you by Smittybilt.

You may have seen it and thought what in the world is that?  Why would someone put a bumper like that on their vehicle?  Well, wonder no more because today you will find out exactly what it is and why someone would use such a thing.  Keep in mind that they do make these for both the front and rear of the vehicle even though today we will focus solely on the front.

SRC Fro...

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How to Install Bilstein 5100 Shocks

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how to install bilstein shocksEven if you are one of those people who don’t know a screwdriver from a drill, you will be able to install Bilstein 5100 shocks by yourself.  This is an extremely easy thing to do and since you need to replace your shocks within every 75,000 miles you may want to learn how to do it yourself.  You will save money by doing it yourself and get the satisfaction of knowing that you have done it yourself.

What you will need

This project is so simple.  You will only need a jack, a lug wrench, the shocks, a socket set, ratchet and a set of wrenches.

Make sure that you have all the necessary parts and tools available and that your vehicle is parker, shut off and has the emergency brake engaged and you are ready to get started.

Step 1

Decide which side of the vehicle you want to work on and pos...

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Tonneau Covers – A Cover for Your Truck

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tonneau cover red dodgeTo protect your valuable goods while carrying them in a pickup truck you surely do not want to attract the bad guys for thievery. Again weather condition can change, and you have to pay attention on that too. Here comes Tonneau cover for your truck to protect your cargo.

First you have to choose the perfect one as there are many features for the covers. You should cross check with your budget before checking the covers. In that way you can eliminate the unnecessary products. You have to ensure that these covers cover the whole area of your bed. Well, it is also important to calculate what kind of cargo and how many times your bed is going to be used. There are two kinds of cover mainly, the solid and the soft. The last one is less expensive and made of vinyl or cloths...

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Choosing Bestop Over Rest

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If you are unfamiliar with the world of Jeeps, then you may not know what Bestop is.  If that is you, then read on because today we are talking all about Bestop.

What is Bestop?

Bestop is a company that makes aftermarket parts and accessories for Jeeps and other trucks.  They are currently located in Broomfield, Colorado although they did get their start in Boulder, Colorado.  The idea began back in the 1950’s.  See, back then there were quite a few Jeeps that were transitioning from military use to civilian use due to their use in WWII being outlived with the end of the war.  Most of those Jeeps did not have tops.  Bestop got its start by creating tops made from canvas for these vehicles.

Even though they got their start making those canvas tops, they have expanded over the years...

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Warn: Ultimate Winches

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warn winches

Warn has been in business since 1948. They are located in Clackamas, Oregon and employ over 550 people. They engineer, design and manufacture a full line of off road equipment and accessories for 4wds, ATVs and utility vehicles.

Arthur and Sadie Warn began the company with an idea. That idea was to turn all of the surplus Jeeps from World War II into serviceable on road vehicles. To this end, Arthur Warn invented the very first locking wheel hubs. This of course, turned the automotive industry on its ear. Before the end of Arthur Warn’s career he held numerous patents for parts and accessories that he invented for the industry.

Zeon Winch

This is a brand new winch by Warn...

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